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Camp Resource Request

If you need support materials only, please visit Military OneSource Provider Tools.

Not sure what support materials are offered?

Complete this form to request child and youth behavioral counselors (CYB-MFLC) for short-term and long-term camps. Providing inaccurate information may delay your request or be cause for disapproval.

Camp Information

Short-term Camps: Camp for military children with support up to 7 days for 1 camp or session. Camp can be based in both CONUS and OCONUS assignments and can occur throughout the year.

Long-term Camps: Camp for military children with support up to three months. Camp can be based in both CONUS and OCONUS assignments and can occur during the summer.

Camp Details

Please indicate the accomodations and any special requirements the counselors should be prepared for.

(e.g., Camp location is remote, there will be hiking/physical activities, sleeping in tents, etc.)

Additional Notes or Comments

(Please include the anticipated role of the Military and Family Life Counselor, any specific requests, any participant special circumstances, etc.)

Attendance and Location Information

Please provide camp attendance estimates to help us determine the appropriate number of counselors needed for your camp.

We understand that attendance estimates may change closer to the camp date.

Please fill out the information the best you can at this time.

Attendance Estimates

We expect a minimum of 50 eligible attendees for counseling support. If you have less than 50 attendees, we encourage you to submit your request anyway. We review and staff each request based on its own merit.

Please enter the total population of eligible service and family members that could be supported by this request.

Assignment Location

Please enter the camp address.
If it is not yet known, please indicate this, but know that it will be required at least 10 business days prior to the camp start date.

Point of Contact Information

Please provide a primary and alternate Point of Contact (POC) for this request. The POC will receive all correspondence, which may include phone calls and e-mails to better understand your camp needs. The POC is responsible for providing prompt responses and regular updates about the camp.

Main Point of Contact

List the person who can confirm camp details.

Alternate Point of Contact

List the backup person who can provide camp information

Additional Relevant Information

Surge Support Information

Please review the following information.


Please review the following information.

I have provided all information requested and will inform the DoD of all changes, updates (including location, camp dates and number of attendees), and cancellations six days before the camp begins.

The DoD has the authority to disapprove support if requested information is not received 10 business days before the camp begins.